Cat Delete Downpipes

Bolt-On Replacements
Estimated Lead Time: 2-3 Weeks

Made from high quality stainless steel, these exhaust downpipes are built to outlast the car! Using CNC Mandrel bent 304ss 16 gauge tubing, Waterjet CNC 3/8” 304ss flanges, 304ss O2 bungs and 304ss brackets, no corners were cut on building these correctly.   The only option we didn’t go with was full titanium but at that point these would be 5-6 times the price! Inquire if interested and they can be custom made in titanium. The 304ss is a higher grade material then the factory exhaust system. Ours will NOT rust! 

The factory exhaust downpipes contain 4 catalytic converters (2 per bank). Each one of these converters hinders the flow of the exhaust by increasing the backpressure. By eliminating the factory converters we are able to increase the flow of the exhaust and thus create a more efficient system flow-wise, this translates to more power. We have provisions in the downpipe for both rear o2 sensors and we do not throw CEL’s for the cat(s) delete. There is an additional o2 bung added to the passenger side downpipe in anticipation of the use of a wideband air fuel ratio sensor/gauge. A plug will be in this hole from us in case you are not planning on running a wideband. Down the road if you change your mind, just unscrew the plug and insert the wideband sensor. It is much easier/cheaper for us to add this now instead of customers sending back the system later for it to be added. Factory style flanges on both the inlets and outlets of the downpipe ensure a true “bolt-on” part that can simply be swapped in/out if needed. The brackets for the attachment to the transmission are also included. 

The exhaust tone will be slightly louder without the converters and sounds very good in our opinion. The sound increase is not dramatic and there is no droning. 

The downpipes have ss v-band flanges splitting them. This was done for 2 reasons. The first was to make installation easier. The second was to be able to decrease their shipping size into a smaller box to decrease shipping costs to you.


Optional rear high flow obd2 catalytic converters can be added the downpipes. Inquire for pricing based upon the converter of your choice.

Optional EGT bungs and additional o2 bungs can be added upon request. Inquire for placement/pricing.

Due to emissions laws in the USA these downpipes are sold for off-road only use!