Ignition Lock Tumbler Assembly

OE replacement
Estimated Lead Time: 3-5 days

Has your key began to stick into the ignition housing?  This is a common issue and if neglected too long the key will eventually not be removable and you will need to drill out your lock and replace not only this, but also the steering lock housing and you will need another key.  If you key has just began to stick, replace this now while you can before your into the problem much deeper.

These are VIN specific so your old existng keys will still work.  No reprogamming needed. 

The Key that is included will not start the car.  It is there in order to keep the tumblers in the correct position for install.  Do not play with the tumbler assembly / key before installing them as we have seen customers get the tumblers out of position by doing so and causing them to need to purchase another.  There is no refunds or exchanges due to this. 

These USUALLY take 2-4 days to get in before we can ship them, we have seen delays of up to 2-4 weeks before in the past though, so it is a possibility.  There is nothing we can do to speed up Chrysler, we get them faster than your local dealership but are still at Chryslers mercy.  Once ordered these are not cancellable until 30 days after the order, if Chrysler is still not completing them at that point we can refund the purchase in full once we get verification from Chrysler that it has not been VIN cut already and is in transit.  In the near future we expect Chrysler to disconinue these as we are seeing it happen on other Chrysler/Mercedes vehicles and other crossfire parts, get them while you can!

In order to process the order we will need...

1.  A copy/picture of the current state issued vehicle registration or title, current state issued registration is preferred and processes quicker.

2.  A copy/picture of the owner's driver’s license

    These documents must be clearly in focus, and be able to be read after being printed out on our end.  If it is fuzzy, it will not be accepted and you will have to try again (which will cause delays). 

3.  In addition to these documents, we will need to know the current mileage of the car.  The mileage does not need to be exact.  Please either write the mileage in the "special instructions" section on the shopping cart page during checkout, or include it in the email with the documents, written in the email body. 

Documents should be emailed to us at

If you would prefer to "snail" mail a physical copy of the documents, that is also acceptable. 

As this is a theft relevant part, the shipment will arrive with a signature required through USPS.  This causes the average continental USA shipment to be in the $10-$11 range for Priority Ground.