K&N Xstream Filter Upgrade

Upgrade the filter in our Cold Air Intake Kits
Estimated Lead Time: 1-2 days

K&N Xstream Filter Upgrade to NeedsWings Crossfire and SLK CAI's

By moving the power steering cooling line further out of the way (using our included new bracket) we were able to pick out a monster filter to use in our NeedsWings line of Cold Air Intake Kits for the Crossfire SRT6, Limited & Base, and the Mercedes SLK32 AMG and SLK320 and still get the factory grill back on correctly. 

1x K&N Xstream Filter (if you want to use them on one of our DCAI kits, you will want 2 of these)
NeedsWings Power Steering Cooling Line Relocate Bracket if needed

We tested several scenarios on the flowbench

DCAI T extreme filters= 748.2 cfm @ 15in/h20
DCAI T no filters = 586.1
CAI T extreme filter= 620.3
CAI T small filter = 602.3
CAI T no filter = 546.6
CAI extreme filter = 602.7
CAI small filter = 584.0
CAI no filter = 539.2
OEM intake system (stock filters) = 445.8
Extreme filter (1) only bolted straight to flow bench (no tubing/couplers, think filter bolted straight to throttle body)= 782.6

DCAI = dual cold air intake 
T = teflon velocity coated inside and out (all our kits are now coated with this)
small filter = normal CAI filter
no filter = entire CAI system minus the filter at the end

In order to run these filters on our DCAI kits on the Crossfire you will need to move the factory horns.