m112 Valve Cover Reseal Kit

Repairs Valve Cover Oil Leaks
Estimated Lead Time: 1-3 Days

Are your valve covers covered in oil? It is most likely the upper access panels that are leaking.  This must be addressed as the oil will eventually drip onto your hot exhaust manifolds and we have even seen a customers c32 catch fire due to this in the past. 



Our kit includes...

New OEM lower valve cover gaskets

Replacement stainless bolts for access panels

New Updated Mercedes Oil Cap with gasket or AMG Oil Cap with gasket.

Mercedes sealant for the upper access panels


Optional - Mercedes sealant applicator gun - highly recommended to apply the sealant uniformly instead of manually squishing it out.

Optional - Stainless Valve Cover Bolt Kit - Bolts that hold the Valve Cover to the Cylinder Head.