NeedsWings Intercooler Fluid Isolation Kit

Separate the Intercooler Coolant from the Engine Coolant
Estimated Lead Time: 1 week

The factory Intercooler fluid (coolant) intermixes with the engine coolant in the OEM configuration.  By installing these 2 simple replacement hoses with shut off valve you are able to isolate the 2 systems.  Thereby greatly lowering the Intercooler fluid temperature which in turn will help with the air-water intercooler properly lower the intake air temperature.  Our kit is a direct replacement, no factory parts are harmed durring the install of this kit. 

Kit is to be installed with valves open, take the car through a heat cycle to purge out any air bubbles that were introduced into the line durring the install.  Once the car has had a chance to purge out all the air bubbles the valves can be closed, which isolates the 2 systems.  The Intercooler will not heat up high enough nor build up enough pressure to require an overflow, we use the factory overflow for our purging after install and never need it again (other then to re-purge the air out of the system in case of future cooling system work).