NeedsWings Oil Catch Can Kit r170/r193

Air - Oil Separator
Estimated Lead Time: 1-2 Weeks

This is THE FIRST product that we recommend for your m112 motor!  Stop the ingestion as soon as possible!


Included with the kit will be…
Catch can with slk/crossfire specific mounting brackets
Nut/bolt/washer setup for bracket
Manual Drain
TIG welded 6061 billet aluminum construction
All aluminum hose connections are beaded for a sure seal.

3 chambered internal design with stainless steel filtration media.


These are 6061 aluminum, low restriction, high filtration, easy to drain, direct bolt-on kit with all hoses and fittings.


Why would we need such a part?

The 2 smaller (one on each bank) valve cover ports feeding into the bottom of the throttle body are pulling oil into the intake stream through the venturi port on the bottom of the throttle body.  This is coating everything after the throttle body with oil. For those of you that have looked at the inside of your intercooler,  intercooler, air distribution ypipe or intake manifolds will know what we are referring to. This oil coating is causing inefficiency to the cooling and flow through the intercooler and hinders flow through the ypipe and manifolds. The spark plugs will eventually foul as well due to this oil. The IAT and MAP sensor get coated with the oil, and the oil also makes its way into the combustion chamber. In short, its crud and we don't want it.

We usually have black coated kits in stock as they are by far the most popular.  In the event that we are waiting on more to be coated there may be up to a week wait on the kit.   Expect a 1-2 week wait for colors other than black. 

The can is design to hold a good amount of oil before loosing its efficiency.  While it will hold much more, please drain your catchcan at every oil change (3,000 miles).

The images are of a 50k mile car that was in OEM form at the time of the pictures, see the crud buildup, our oil catch can kit will prevent this from continuing.

The last image is the contents of a usual catch can drain after 3,000 miles.  Which is 2-3 ounces of crud.