NeedsWings SRT6 / SLK32 Large Throttle Body Upgrade

25.8% larger!!!
Estimated Lead Time: 1-2 Weeks

Designed and built in house is our NeedsWings SRT6 / SLK32 Throttle Body upgrade kit.  This utilizes a 25.8% larger throttle body than the factory SRT6 / SLK32 throttle body and becomes a plug and play solution to opening up the throttle body restriction.  We modify an OEM supercharger inlet to accept the larger bore and bolt pattern needed for the larger Bosch throttle body being used.  The Supercharger inlet is also fully ported for minimized restriction and can then be Teflon coated for additional efficiency / flow.  This paired with our DCAI kit is the ideal inlet to the supercharger. 

This will work with our Dual Cold Air Intake, it will not connect to the factory airbox. 

Factory Throttle Body opening is 74mm, our kit uses a 83mm Throttle Body which is 25.8% larger!

The Supercharger needs to be removed from the engine in order for the supercharger inlet to be swapped out.  This is usually 2-3 hours of labor to install this throttle body upgrade kit depending on how much of your engine bay you clean up along the way.

The Bosch / Mercedes Throttle body utilized in this kit is becoming readily available on the used market and we are happy to let you find it yourself if desired.  If you want us to find it for you and clean it up to be ready to be installed, we are happy to do so, but we cannot warranty a used electrical part. We can supply the throttle body NEW from Mercedes but they are rather expensive.  

There is a $200 core charge included on this part if you want us to ship the new snout to you before we receive your original snout here.   This core charge will be fully refunded once we receive your original snout back here to us in good usable condition within 30 days of you receiving our snout. 

We will remove and reinstall the brake booster line adapter to the driver’s side port.  We have a method to remove it without damaging it as it is not available separately from Dodge or Mercedes and if it is damaged the entire snout will need to be purchased to get a new adapter and the core charge cannot be refunded.  So please do not attempt to remove it, or if you do so it is at your own risk.

There is a $120 core charge included on the DCAI silicone Y section if you want us to ship the new larger Y section to you before we receive your original DCAI Y section here.   This core charge will be fully refunded once we receive your original Y section back here to us in good usable condition within 30 days of you receiving our new Y section.

The Teflon Velocity Flow Finish is a low friction fluoropolymer coating designed to increase airflow velocity in components where air speed is an important performance factor.  The fluoropolymer finish is a blend of high performance resins and fluoropolymer lubricants.  Small imperfections in an uncoated surface (raw aluminum tubing) cause a roiling eddy of turbulent air currents to persist and move in all directions as they are pushed along the duct when air flows over the surface at high speeds.  The greater the turbulence, the greater the energy required to move the air or fluid.  The Velocity Flow Finish smoothes the surface and reduces the friction that drains energy from the flowing air.  As a result, turbulence is significantly reduced and the system gains air flow efficiency, which translates to greater power.  This coating can be used on a variety of components including cold air intakes, turbo and blower compressors, cylinder head ports, intake manifolds, intercoolers, intercooler tubing, hood scoops, carburetors and throttle bodies.  Flow increases in the 8-10% range have been seen on the flow bench with this coating!  This coating is safe with nitrous, water, and methanol.  The Teflon will not flake off.  

Kits are custom built and then coated per order in your color choice so please expect a 5 to 14 business day turnaround time before your kit can ship out.