S550 Performance Engine Software 2012+

ECU Tune
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ECU Upgrade for the Mercedes S550 (M278 Engine) 2012+

Performance Numbers:
The manufacturers rating for this engine is 402HP and 433LB-FT of torque at the crank.

The new rating with the ECU upgrade is 530HP and 606LB-FT of torque at the crank.

This is an increase of +128HP and + 173LB-FT or Torque at the crank.

All OEM safety maps remain intact to ensure the highest level of protection.  Includes better throttle response, faster acceleration, removed top speed limiter, raised rev limiter and an overall better driving experience.

Fuel Type:
Optimized for 91/93 Octane / 95/98 Ron fuel. (Custom Race Fuel files available upon request)

Please Expect a 3-4 day turnaround for your custom tune to be installed onto your ECU.  Software is non-refundable once a sucessful flash has occurred.