Crossfire SKREEM and Antenna Ring

Security Module
Estimated Lead Time: 1-2 Weeks


These usually take 5-7 business days to get in before we can ship them.  



Is your car now starting for 1 second and then turning off? Is the alarm going off? Are you throwing a check engine light for the SKREEM? This could be due to a SKREEM control module going bad and causing issues communicating with your key(s).  The SKREEM and Antenna ring combo are located behind the instrument cluster.   We can order you another specific to your VIN, already programmed and ready to start the car right out of the box.  This is a VIN coded part and is not returnable, please confirm this is your issue before ordering.

In the near future we expect Chrysler to discontinue these as we are seeing it happen on other Chrysler/Mercedes vehicles and other crossfire parts.  Get them while you can!

In order to process the order, we will need...

1.  A copy/picture of the current state issued vehicle registration or title.  Current state issued registration is preferred and processes quicker.  If your registration is expired, send the title instead as there is no expiration date. 

2.  A copy/picture of the owner's driver’s license (cannot be expired).

    These documents must be clearly in focus and be able to be read after being printed out on our end.  If it is fuzzy, it will not be accepted, and you will have to try again (which will cause delays). 

3.  In addition to these documents, we will need to know the current mileage of the car.  The mileage does not need to be exact.  Please write the mileage in the "special instructions" section on the shopping cart page during checkout, or include it in the email with the documents, written in the email body. 



How to get these documents to us???

Option #1 Email a picture(s) of the documents to us at .  We will then connect it to your order and reply with confirmation of receipt. 

Option #2 Place your order.  Once you receive the email receipt, reply to that email receipt and attach your documents.  We will then email you a confirmation of receipt. 

Option #3, You can take a picture of the documents on your cell phone and text the pictures to us at 1-586-531-1413.  We will send you a confirmation of receipt.  

Option #4, You can "snail" mail a physical copy of the printed-out documents if you prefer to not transfer them digitally. 



As this is a theft relevant part, the shipment will arrive with a signature required through USPS.