SKREEM and Antenna Ring

Module that talks to your key
Estimated Lead Time: 3-5 days

Is your car now starting for 1 second and then turning off? Is the alarm going off? Are you throwing a check engine light for the SKREEM? This could be due to a SKREEM control module going bad and causing issues communicating with your key(s).  The SKREEM and Antenna ring combo are located behind the instrucment cluster.   We can order you another specific to your VIN.  These usually take 3-5 days to get in before we can ship them.

In order to process the order we will need a copy of the current vehicle registration and a copy of the owner's drivers license either mailed or emailed to us at    

Chrysler also asks for the vehicle mileage, so please include that when placing the order, it does not need to be exact.


This is a VIN coded part and is not returnable, please confirm this is your issue before ordering. 

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