NeedsWings m112k Tweaked Stock Intake Manifolds

Enlarged Inlets, Ported and Coated
Estimated Lead Time: 3-4 Weeks

***Backordered until March 1st, 2019***



We took a set of stock SRT6 intake manifold / plenums and went to work on them.  We started by removing the restrictive inlet tubes and TIG welded in new mandrel bent inlet tubes.  We add a 1/8" npt bung to both the passenger and driver side inlet tubes to be used for a boost gauge (plugs will be included if you don't use them).  The manifolds are then internally ported and then coated inside and out.  The lettering on top of the manifolds can either be left coated or semi-polished upon request.   The finished manifolds were then sent to the flow bench.  The factory drivers side intake manifold flows 255-260cfm @ 28 In. of H2O
Our tweaked drivers side manifold flowed 330cfm @ 28 In. of H2O (Before CrossOver Addition)

Note: above numbers were from one manifold.

These manifolds do not flow nearly as much as our NeedsWings full replacement intake manifolds, these are a less expensive alternative. 

These are made to order and then custom coated in your color choice, please expect a 3-4 week lead time.

These are made on a core exchange basis.  There is a $500 core charge for us to send you the new set before we receive your original intake manifolds back.  The $500 core charge will be fully refunded once we receive your original intake manifolds back to us in good usable condition within 30 days of delivery of your order.  You must protect the gasket mating surface from being damaged.  If you just throw them into a box without proper packaging they will be destroyed and you will not get your core charge refunded.  Show them the same love that we showed your replacement manifolds please!

A set of factory intake manifold gaskets are included.

We have seen +20hp and +20ft/lbs of torque with these over the factory manifolds. (Before CrossOver Addition, New Gain Info to come...)


We can now add the Waldig "CrossOver" Modification to the manifolds which connects the 2 plenums over the supercharger.  By doing so we are greatly reducing the feed restrictions to each port.  We see increased airflow with reduced restriction!  Typical boost pressure readings are 4-5psi lower with the crossovers as the plenums can be fed from both sides between pulses.   This equalizes pressure across the cylinders and with less pressure being created at the lower y-pipe and plenum inlet tubes, the air temp stays cooler.  This is a WIN, WIN, WIN scenario;  Increased airflow, Reduced Pressure/Load/Stress, Lower Air temps. 

These crossovers have enabled us to "stack" a larger crank pulley along with a smaller supercharger pulley and still keep the ECU happy once the fueling has been adjusted.